2019 Presentations

World Procurement Congress 2019 Presentations

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Post trade war scenarios: How will it all play out? – Robert Guest, Foreign Editor, The Economist

Available Presentations include:

  • Building a Future-Ready Organisation – Johnson & Johnson
  • Case study: How competitive advantage is delivered at Toyota through advanced SRM – Toyota
  • AI and the future of business – University College London
  • Procurement as an innovative strategic partner – Petronas
  • Building a robotic process automation centre of excellence – Telus
  • Transforming procurement: how far can you get in 24 months? – Enel
  • The future of transportation and exploration: From flying cars to humans on Mars – Airspace Experience Technologies

Thought-leadership content from the industry experts

World Procurement Congress 2019 hosted 100+ big thinkers and industry experts in procurement, including a large proportion of global CPOs and directors from companies including Siemens, Enel, Telus, Nokia and Johnson & Johnson.

These senior leaders took to the stage to discuss key challenges faced by the function and how they overcame them with their teams. Fill in the form to the left to access their success stories and key takeaways. 

Procurement as a business partner – Amazon Business