HICX is the Supplier Experience Management platform for enterprise. By enabling brands to on-board 100% of their suppliers through a single portal and to manage and maintain a single version of the truth for all of their supplier data, HICX enables the world’s largest organisations to become ‘customer of choice’ for their suppliers.

• Consolidate all of your supplier data, from any system (ERP, P2P), into a single data structure and a single repository. No more “fill in this supplier record spreadsheet”, HICX will work directly with the native output of any of your systems.
• Manage the entire Supplier Lifecycle with every supplier, from on-boarding, to maintaining data, extending relationships to new products, BUs or countries, to making dormant and off-boarding, all through a single portal that automates to reduce supplier, requestor and approver workload.
• Centrally manage Supplier Risk and Performance Management projects for a handful or for thousands of suppliers, combining subjective assessment with performance data from ERP, SCM and P2P systems.
• Maximise your competitive advantage from your Supplier Ecosystem with consolidated reporting and analytics and efficient communication with all suppliers, direct and indirect, from a single platform.